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Jessy Coleman has been leading Hike, Yoga and Brews with ExploreMore for a few months and has been killing it! She is also an avid trail runner, licensed therapist, yoga instructor, wife to Kelli and mother Aiden and Eden. She also just launched a meditation through the Insight Timer app. I hope you enjoy this interview and if you are in the DFW area, don't forget to check out one of Jessica's hikes.  To follow along on her yoga journey, you can also check out her Instagram.   

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After a long day, I went for a short hike at a local park. This wasn't a crazy wilderness experience but really just some time outside in nature. I do this often and I always feel refreshed afterwards even if I'm only out there for 5 minutes. These are some thoughts I had while on my hike. I hope they resonate with you ❤  Pause app Mindfulness in Movement Podcast by Alycia Mantooth Listen Below  

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