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ExploreMore DFW Bingo

Welcome to ExploreMore DFW Trails Bingo!!!

Have you explored all of the trails DFW has to offer? There are tons of beautiful trails all over DFW and we want you to get out and ExploreMore.

Your backyard is bigger than you think and you never know what you can discover.

So we have put together a DFW Trails Bingo card to make this a fun game. Get your card today and start playing.

Beginning January 1st, we will have monthly giveaways to anyone who tags us on social media after hiking or biking one of the trails on the Bingo card.

If you get a blackout by the end of 2022, send us an email and you can pick from our list of prizes! We will have tshirts, coffee mugs, gift cards etc.

The registration fee will go towards conservation efforts to continue to clean up and maintain these trails we all love! Download our digital card today or buy a physical card and we will mail it to you.

Now #getoutdfw and #exploremore