Trail Bingo

ExploreMore Trails Bingo is a fun way to get you outside discovering new trails and rediscovering old ones in your town with Bingo cards for cities all over the country!

On our guided hikes, we were constantly were hearing from people "I live 10 minutes away and I had no idea this trail was here" or "I just moved here and there is nothing to do". And while you may not live in the mountains, there are green spaces in your own back yard. 

So we decided to start our Trails Bingo game! It is super simple. You get the card for your town and start exploring! There is no time limit and the only rules are you need to visit the trail and hike at least a mile and leave it better than you found it by picking up at least one piece of trash. 

Some trails may be more enjoyable than others but the goal is for you to discover your backyard is bigger than you think. Keep an open mind and be thankful for the green spaces available to you. 

Some of the trails may have an entry fee and this is a great opportunity to support your local trail. All of these trails are all of our responsibility so hopefully you find at least 1 or 2 local trails to call your home trail. 

We have many fun things coming with everyone playing trails Bingo so stay tuned and start exploring today! We are always adding new cities so if you don't see your city yet, get our ExploreMore anywhere Bingo card to start with and let us know where we should come next!

So play with your friends or family and start exploring!

Be sure to post on social media and tag us when you mark off a trail. Once you get a blackout, email for a prize.