Outdoor Experience Gift Ideas

Outdoor Experience Gift Ideas

This year, give the gift of outdoor adventures and Explore More of what your town has to offer! We want to get out and explore your city so we put together this list for you for some local outdoor experience gift ideas.

We have been gifting classes/workshops and tickets for years and love it! Sometimes, we all agree to forgo gifts all together and go on a trip instead. We have some family friends who have tradition of buying one experience per couple for the whole family to enjoy together. Whatever you choose to do, don't forget to always support local! 


  • This voucher is discounted from the normal ticket price and is good for one ticket to one of our outdoor hike and yoga or hike, yoga and brew event.  Want to do a private group hike and yoga, Wagon Trail Survival Hike or Backpacking trip?  Send us a message for a quote


  • ExploreMore Trails Bingo Card

  • Do you want to discover new trails in your own backyard? Are you new to your town and want to explore more? Do you want to help support local clean up and trail improvement initiatives? Do you want to join a growing community of people who love getting outside? Register today to play ExploreMore Trails Bingo! Now in cities in Texas, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and Arkansas with more coming.

  • Texas Survival School class 

  • Texas Survival School is the premier survival, self reliance, and bushcraft school in North Texas. I personally want to do their wild edibles class 

  • Hike Passport

  • Enjoy one of these fun items that you can keep in your car or backpack. They are small and cheap and fun ways to explore more of the outdoors and keep track of your favorite hikes. 

  • Rock Climbing Gym gift card

  • There are many amazing climbing gyms all over! Google some near you and stop in for a gift card. Sometimes gyms will do punch cards as well and you can buy 10 day passes at once.

  • Night at a local cabin

  • Checkout AirBNB or google glamping near you. You may have a local influencer or travel guide who have highlighted gems in your area. Reach out to your local ExploreMore guide if you need some recommendations.

  • Kayak rental

  • There are many places all over to kayak. If your town has water, try googling kayak rentals and get a gift card or maybe plan a whole outing with your loved one. Book the kayak, bring a picnic or plan a lunch or dinner for afterwards. Make it a whole experience. Reach out to your local ExploreMore guide if you need some recommendations.

  • Mountain Biking Clinic

  • Have you wanted to try mountain biking but may not have the skills or confidence to hit the trail? Do you have a mountain bike sitting in your garage and collecting dust? If you are in DFW, DORBA is an amazing organization but if you are not in DFW, google some local mountain bike clinics or stores and call your local bike shop and ask for their recommendations.

  • Gift card to any local outfitter

  • State Parks Pass or America the Beautiful National Park Pass

No matter what you are doing for Christmas this year, don't forget to support local and give gifts that will be remembered and won't end up in the trash next month. Experiences are our favorite thing to gift and we encourage you to give the gift of experience! Every town has some amazing places to explore so choose to Explore More this holiday season.

Post some of your favorite experience based gifts below!

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