Walnut Grove Trail Highlight

Walnut Grove Trail Highlight

By: Jeremy MaGee

Located along the southwestern edge of Lake Grapevine, near the Bob Jones Nature Center and on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property, the Walnut Grove Trail covers 10 miles (with one main trail and numerous sections that branch off). A blend of woodland and shoreline, the difficulty level is listed as easy (given the mostly flat terrain with occasional short climbs).

There are numerous trailheads (to be found at trail intersections, on the borders of parking lots/spaces (paved, gravel and/or dirt), at the end of residential streets, just off city streets and near parks (and similar settings, i.e., nature centers)); link to trail map included below


With the exception of those along the trails and in municipal settings (e.g., parks), most of the trailheads are primitive in nature (often only including a gravel or dirt parking lot, a marker signifying the start of the trail and a sign with a map). There are limited opportunities to answer nature’s call while on the trail; that being said it is recommended that visitors use such facilities before heading out or plan a route that intersects with public restroom settings (such as those found at the park or nature center).

The trail can still be used after it rains (with the exception of horses); however, it will be extremely muddy in many spots. In addition there are occasional creek crossings – trail users should be prepared to traverse natural “bridges” in the form of fallen trees or logs (although I suppose one could wear sandals if they don’t mind getting their feet wet (pardon the pun 😊)).

Go out and enjoy the trail and feel free to stop by the park and nature center (there is also a dog park for your four-legged friends 😊). Stay alert for those on horseback – they (the horses) can be skittish if you appear suddenly (which I can attest to, once having eaten lunch while out on a hike and standing up suddenly upon spotting a rider (causing the horse to rear up on its hind legs! 😬)).

Get out there and ExploreMore!


Rating: Easy

Coffee for before your hike: Sip Stir Coffee House

Brewery for after your hike: Soul Fire Brewery

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