Three Reasons to go Barefoot

Three Reasons to go Barefoot

Written by: Haley Cottey
Walking barefoot, or earthing; is no longer something “only hippies do”. Research is showing that earthing can have many benefits such as pain relief, improved fitness and balance, lowered stress and increased immune system.

Fitness and Balance

Our feet are responsible for a large portion our balance, support and mobility and there are over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in our feet alone. How many of those muscles are immobilized by tennis shoes? When you run, do you think your feet are doing as much work as they were designed to do? Many studies have shown that barefoot training has made runners faster and more efficient. Now there are arguments in this area (especially for long distance runners) but in moderation, barefoot training does improve performance. Many people believe tennis shoes can lead to knee and hip problems because many of our muscles that are designed to help prevent issues or balance and support our joints are not being utilized or are incredibly weak and atrophied due to shoes.


Mental and Physical Health

Earthing also has shown to have many mental and physical health benefits. The earth has a natural charge and many studies have shown that when we have direct contact with the earth, our bodies respond positively. In reviews published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health and The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine chronic pain patients reported improved sleep, subjects saw improved skin conductivity, moderated heart rate variability, improved glucose regulation, reduced stress and boosted immunity. Even more studies show lowered risk of heart disease, reduced stress and regulation in all areas of the body.


Emotional and Spiritual Health

There is also an element of emotional and spiritual benefit from earthing. Walking barefoot outside can decrease anxiety and depression by over 50%. Earthing can improve overall happiness and help with focus and clarity. Many people report that overall time in nature and walking barefoot helps them grow spiritually and feel closer to God.

Some extra wisdom from Dr. Marqelle Albrecht - Your brain and body are constantly talking with each other- your feet are full of receptors that communicate directly with the brain so in addition to strengthening the muscles of the feet, you're stimulating those receptors that have an effect on global balance, coordination, proprioception. I've seen some recent studies that being barefoot even has effects on stress hormones! One of the best things you can do for your babies is ditch the shoes.

Earthing can improve fitness, balance, sleep, hearth health, glucose regulation, and immunity. It can also decrease, stress, depression, anxiety and pain as well as lowering risk of many injuries and heart disease. So here is your excuse to be a child again and run around outside with no shoes!


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