Sights On Christ Hike Fundraiser

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Sights On Christ Hike Fundraiser

Dean Conner is a local business owner of Crossfit Swashbuckle, engineer with L3, Veteran (THANK YOU for your service!), husband to Diana and Dad to Atticus.  


Recently he was asked by a buddy to join a group of men as they attempt to summit the 4 tallest peaks in Texas in under 24 hours to raise money for Sights on Christ. SOC is a local non-profit whose mission is to impact youth lives, by spreading the gospel, while experiencing the great outdoors.


The 4 tallest peaks in Texas (yes there are mountains in Texas) all are located in the Guadalupe Mountains and the hike can range from 14-20 miles depending on the path you take.  The peaks include Guadalupe Peak (8,751 ft), Bush Mountain (8,631 ft), Shumard Peak (8,615 ft) and Bartlett Peak (8,507 ft). 


The team used their combined expertise to plan and execute a successful hike and raised almost 50K in the process. They completed the hike and did summit all 4 peaks in 14.5 miles and 17 hours. 


Way to go guys!!! Here is his story. 


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