How to Raise Little Explorers

How to Raise Little Explorers

By: Haley Cottey

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One question I get often is how to raise little explorers. How do I continue the adventure lifestyle with kids? How do I get my kids to enjoy being outside? 

Spending regular time outside is crucial to the well being of your kids AND yourself. Spending an hour a day outside helps kids (and you) have improved immune system, fitness, agility, concentration, moods, problem solving skills, and overall health. It helps with imagination, appreciation for nature, patience, etc. There really is no negative effects to spending SAFE time outside (wear sunscreen, bug spray and don't eat plants)


1.Let them get dirty, take risks and break rules.

I know for me, sometimes I see my kids get dirty and I immediately wanted to stop it because I don't want to deal with the cleanup but I have to remind myself, it is good for them to get dirty. When my kids were younger I did need to watch them more or they may eat a rock but I try to watch from a distance and let them take risks, break rules and learn how the world works on their own.

2. Set aside outside family time AND outside independent time.

It is so important for families to spend time outside together. Go outside and garden, go for a family hike or bike ride and just be outside together. It is also important for kids to spend time outside on their own. It is important for them to use their imagination and entertain themselves outside without electronics.

If your kids keep saying "I'm bored", try one of these tactics:

  • Tell them they can do something you previously said no to like play in the mud or ride their bike.
  • Give them ideas like build a house out of blocks or sticks or let them paint rocks.
  • Play WITH them. Sometimes we need adult time so we just tell the kids to go outside and they do need to figure out how to entertain themselves (or lets be real, this generation doesn't know HOW to be bored so letting them be bored is ok too) but sometimes they just want to play WITH us.
  • Try out a scavenger hunt. Download our nature activities booklet for free here.

3. Lead by example. Be an explorer yourself, practice the same qualities you want to see in your kids. 

If you want your kids to appreciate the environment, be confident and tough and strong and have great problem solving skills, you need to practice these things yourself. Learn how to mountain bike together and watch your confidence in yourself and your abilities grow. Spend time outside and learn how to appreciate our beautiful planet together. See how everything ties together and how badly we need nature. 


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