Hidden Cove Trail Highlight

Hidden Cove Trail Highlight

By: Jeremy Magee

Located a good ways away from the main hustle and bustle of the park and marina, the nearly 2.3-mile Hidden Cove Trail winds its way along Lake Lewisville before reaching the southwestern part of the 720-acre complex. Numerous paths lead to scenic lake views, picturesque foliage and opportunities to see local wildlife. Owned and maintained by the park, the trail is rated as easy (given the flat terrain).  

The trailhead can be found by taking the first right after passing through the park entrance and following the road until you come to a circular parking lot surrounded by cabins – there will be a large, mounted sign flanked by two trashcans denoting the start of the trail. A map of the trail can be found here: http://www.hiddencovepark.net/park/; there are restrooms as well as a picnic table for those who wish to use them. Trail users can travel whichever direction they prefer, and although biking is permitted on the trail it is more common to encounter those who are fishing on the shoreline.

Visitors to the park should be advised that the trail becomes extremely muddy and covered by long stretches of standing water after heavy rains – hiking boots (preferably waterproof) are therefore recommended unless you want to end up with wet feet!

Come on out and enjoy the trail and see if you can dodge the puddles and mosquitoes; also keep an eye out for animal tracks – during a recent visit to the park I saw two turkeys, which were much bigger than I would have expected! 😬

*there is an entry fee of $15 per vehicle and $25 for those with boats; annual passes are also available (for both residents and non-residents) at a cost of $75 and $125, respectively*

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Rating: Easy

Visit before your hike: Karmic Grounds

Brewery for after your hike: Unlawful Assembly

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