DFW Trail Highlight - Squabble Creek

DFW Trail Highlight - Squabble Creek

By: Haley Cottey

ExploreMore DFW Trail Highlight: Squabble Creek 

Squabble Creek is a neighborhood favorite and enjoyed by many! It is approximately 5 miles and has 6 different loops surrounding a small water treatment plant.  

Unfortunately, due to excessive trail damage from construction in the nearby neighborhood about 4 years ago, parts of the trail were lost and the park was closed for some time. However, thanks to the hard work from DORBA and the City of Rockwall, most of the trail was restored and the park reopened. The trail is constantly being restored and maintained and hikers and bikers alike can enjoy the beautiful trail. 

When you arrive at the trail, you will see a picnic table, restroom, and map of the trail. Bikers will take the left entrance and start on Loop 1 with some turns and climbing hills while hikers take the right entrance and start with loop 5 that twists and turns through the trees and then follows the river for a bit. 

 While parts of this trail are in a flood plane and is often closed after rain, loops 3 and 6 can be closed separately with large wooden X's so that you can still enjoy the rest of the trail.

Head out and enjoy the trail and see if you can find the tree bridge and the twisty tree. Drop your pictures and trail recommendations in the comments. Enjoy and ExploreMore! 





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