Calendar of Events

ExploreMore events for everyone. See our full calendar below.


Backyard experiences are those that will take up anywhere from 1 hour to half a day. They will be in easy to access places and very budget and beginner friendly. These are great for families as well and kids 16 and under are always free!


Backwoods Experiences will take you more out of your comfort zone but will create great memories and still be very accessible! They will be a bit longer and may take minimal travel and skill. They will be day long trips or overnight but no longer than one night and still close to home.


Backcountry Experiences will be just that – in the backcountry. They will require someone on the guide staff to have necessary certifications, as well as any other necessary qualifications relevant to the specific backcountry experience. They will be multi-day trips and create memories you will cherish forever!

Have a bigger group of friends, family or a team and want to book your own private backcountry event? Send us a message and we would love to work with you!