ExploreMore DFW BackPACKING Guide

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Backpacking trips are amazing adventures but the last thing you want is a backpack that is too heavy or to discover you are not prepared for a situation miles from the trailhead.

What gear do you need?

What kind of food should you take backpacking?

What should we pack in our first aid kit?

This guide is here to help you pack for your upcoming trip and be prepared for anything. Keep in mind, this is just a guide so be sure to check with rangers in the area you plan on visiting and check if you need anything else. For specific brand recommendations, ask your local outdoor store or send us an email. 

If this is your first trip, be sure to have someone who is experienced or go with a guiding company. ExploreMore guides trips throughout the year as well so email us for more information. 

Enjoy and have fun Exploring! 

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